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Sheraton Breakfast Lounge

Client Name: Sheraton Maldives

Project Type: Construction

Description: Design and build of a 438 sq-m area Breakfast Lounge at Sheraton Maldives Resort & Spa

Gdh Havodda

Client Name: Sankan Maldives Pvt Ltd

Project Type: Painting work

Description: Refurbishment and renovations for currently operational resort at Robinson Club Maldives

JA Manafaru

Client Name: JARH Maldives Pvt Ltd

Project Type: Renovation

Description: Renovation and refurbishment of timber and concrete work


Finolhu Pool Bar

Client Name: Club Med

Project Type: Finishing Work

Description: Refurbishment of timber floor at Pool Bar in Kani Finolhu resort including sanding of floor and staining

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Surf Spot Observatory

Client Name: Club Med

Project Type: Construction

Description: Construction of observatory for surf spot in timber, for Kani Finolhu resort

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