Financial / Accounting Services

- Property lease & rent collection

- Lease account management & debt recovery

Leasehold consultancy

-Consulting and Advising on lease matters

-Lease contract management and compliance

Legal compliance and insurance

- Consulting and advising on tax compliance matters

- Competitive insurance procurement and property revaluation

Environment, health & safety and sustainability

-Environment, health & safety advice and surveys

- Fire risk assessments and special needs audits

Estate Management

Estate Maintenance

Planned & reactive maintenance

- Planning and advice on long term maintenance

- Managing reactive repairs and refurbishments

Renovation & retrofitting

- Managing refurbishment work

- Consulting and managing long term property upgrading work

Mechanical, electrical & plumbing maintenance

- Mechanical, electrical and plumbing services

- Consulting and advising on energy efficiency and renewable energy

Cleaning, maintenance and landscaping services

- Managing regular housekeeping contracts

-Managing and attending to Owner's repair and maintenance obligations

3rd Floor, H Azum, Ameenee Magu, Malé, Maldives

General: +960 333 2696 / Sales: +960 949 2696 / Emergency: +960 919 2696

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